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About Be Landscaped

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History: Be Landscaped is a third generation business that started in Pennsylvania. My father grew into maintaining his yard beautifully and was recommended to start helping others in the neighborhood.

In 1998, AJ Landscapes began in Sterling, VA. Once I was old enough to ride the lawn mower, I began helping my father after school and on the weekends. It was fascinating to see how a yard was transformed from dead shrubbery to eye catching work.

 In 2020 after tying the knot, I decided it was time to branch off into my own business. Be Landscaped has built numerous of relationships with clientele all over the Northern Virginia who've supported our vision and have been satisfied each time with the work provided. We take the time to expand our knowledge on each type of service we provide by attending seminars, virtual courses, and hands-on training experience. 
Be Landscaped has built a reputation of reliability and value with our commitment to meeting the requirements of our clients. Creating and maintaining beautiful landscaping is what we do best and always done with our signature touch of bringing your space to life.

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